This page will record pics of Izzy and Beau’s Pups through their growth and on to their new homes.

Pups born 24th December 2013

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Beau                                                                Izzy


 “Ch Bournbeau Xcalibur at Keridale” /  Izzy “Keridale Isabella”



Pups enjoying some possum chews after dinner. Playing musical chews as they dropped theirs and picked up someone else’s!



some casual shots of puppies at play then sleep!!

Resting and one of the boys chewing a “possum chew” their first treat, dehydrated possum skin.

Practising their digging skills!


6/2/14  6 weeks 2 days some – casual shots


28/1/14 Pups now 5 weeks and really enjoying the freedom of my back yard to explore!!

Pups are on two meat meals a day and two feeds from Izzy.


Photos and Video taken today (25/1/14) of pups in their puppy yard getting some new toys, the play tunnel is their favourite “Crash pad” after dinner and a play.


Wednesday 22nd, the pups were moved to their outside run, which has more room to play and a large grass yard to have adventures in.


Pups have had some big changes in the last couple of days, Their first “solid meal” Meat !! then a play outside since it was such a lovely day.

My Grand daughter Heidi loves to visit and play with the pups.

It wont be long before they are moved to their larger accommodation out in my Kennels. There they will have more room to play and spread out.


Pups now 3 weeks old. Up on their feet for brief play periods then back to sleep.


Videos to come shortly ::

And ::





Pups are now 2 weeks old. They are just opening their eyes and beginning to try and walk.

Still they mostly drink and sleep though




                           For video of pups click on this link



Pups now 8 days old. They are still eating and sleeping 24/7 but I can see their eyes will start to open shortly.



Pups first 2 days!!