Ch  Keridale Isabella (Izzy)
DOB 7/7/11
Sire:   Ch Keridale Olympic Gold “Hamish”
Dam:   Ch Village Maiden at Keridale “Maddie”
Hips 1-1=2     Elbows 0:0
PRA1 Clear & PRA2 Clear, PRCD-PRA Clear
Ichthyosis- Carrier, MD- Clear  DM  Clear
NCL-GR – Clear (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis)
 Heart clear by auscultation September 2021
Clear Eye cert December 2022
8 CC’s
15 Reserve CC’s
Now retired from showing and breeding Izzy is the Matriarch here
enjoying her days lounging in the sun
Just love this photo of Izzy running in the paddock just enjoying life
Izzy 3 Years

Izzy 18 months old

Izzy 12 months old
Izzy 4 months
Izzy 3 months winning Best Baby gundog at Tauranga Champ shows
Oct 9th 2011
Izzy 7 weeks
 Izzy head shot 12 weeeks and having fun at Puppy Kindy
Izzy relaxing after a busy playtime!


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Ch Keridale Olympic Gold

 Ch Kerriedale Ice Magic

Ch Glentreve Frozen-Asset
Casadeoro O what a Shelby
Keridale Isle of Skye Nz Ch Islavale Solar Quest
Ch Arangold Made to Measure


 Ch Village Maiden at Keridale

Ch Speyside Double Scotch NZ/Aust Ch Dykinta Grand Slam
Ch Speyside Under Cover Lover
Keridale Andromeda Ch Kerriedale Ice Magic
Ch Arangold Made to Measure