Beau / Izzy Pups

Sire: Ch Bournbeau Xcalibur at Keridale (Beau)

Dam: Keridale Isabella (Izzy)

Whelped: 1/2/18
See below Beau & Izzy’s photos for updated pics of Izzy and her babies. They arrived a day early and Mum and babies are doing well. Colour range from dark to light and all their weights were around 450gm which is a very even litter.

For more information about Beau and Izzy please click on the link under their photos. This will take you to their own pages which have details on their Hip/Elbow scores etc 




8th week Pics and Videos

Well the last week has arrived so fast. Pups had their Vet Check & Vaccinations/Microchips on the 21st March and all were so well behaved and got a clean bill of Health. Izzy is down to one feed a day now but would feed more often if I let her!! But with pups going this week (first one went today 27/3/18) She has to stop feeding them now. 

I’ve had a very busy time this last week with Local Dog shows and visitors and pups. I wish all these babies a wonderful life in their new homes with Families that will adore them (Hard not to) .



14//3/18   6 week shots !! Just gorgeous cuddly babies really into their food though I now have to separate a couple of the bigger ones so they don’t eat all the food!!


10/3/18 Pups 5.5 weeks Cuteness!!! Visitors coming now to have cuddles


6/3/18 Pups nearly 5 weeks. Rocking the “outside experience” and just maximum cuteness. I took too many pics to upload so go to the link below for a look

Photos of Pups 5 weeks


1/3/18-   —    4 weeks old, And last pics in the whelping box

These babies have voices now, especially when Mum (Izzy) is standing behind me while I video and they want their lunch. If you listen you can hear them drinking!!


3.5 Weeks and Babies had their first “meat meal” It went down very quickly!! A top up from Mum “Izzy” and Then of course a sleep. Some sleep in the weirdest positions!!!


Pups are now 3 weeks  and 3 days old. Starting to wobble around and play a bit!! I’m lucky to have a granddaughter who also loves spending time with the pups, (Who wouldn’t) ?? New videos on the link below this photo. Izzy takes “Presents” in for the pups!!

Video  3 weeks 3 days


19/2/18 19 days old and now the changes are coming quickly!!

Video 19 days


12/2/18  11 days old- Just starting to wobble around on shaky legs and ears and eyes starting to open. Not much room at the milkbar now.


Babies are 1 week old today (8/2/18) They have doubled their birth weights and yesterday had their nails clipped. This is necessary to reduce the scratching on Izzy’s tummy!!! Sorry photos are not great. I think I will have to get out my “big Camera” as the Mob ph is just not doing it.


Day 6     All well.


Day four.

Pups filling out and really know where the milk bar is now!! Izzy doing a great job


Day one!

Izzy is very calm and doing a great job




Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents


Ch Bournbeau Xcalibur at Keridale


 Aust Ch Giltedge Blackwatch

Ch Standfast Dream Ticket from Kerrien
Yellowfetch Pixie Dust
Bournbeau Judd’s Hill Ch Stanroph Shogun
Gr Ch Bournbeau Flames Feature


 Keridale Isabella

Ch Keridale Olympic Gold Ch Kerriedale Ice Magic
Keridale Isle of Skye
Ch Village Maiden at Keridale Ch Speyside Double Scotch
Keridale Andromeda