Delta/Beau Pups
This page will feature photos/Videos of Delta & Beau’s Pups as they grow.
Below are photos of Beau and Delta
Beau- Ch Bournbeau Xcalibur at Keridale ( Imp Australia)
Delta- Ch Speyside Delta-Tango with Keridale
Pups Photos/Videos
Pups 6 weeks old  Very cute now!!
Pups 5 weeks old and moved to larger room with out side access.
Playing more and having fun.
Pups 4 weeks
Pups investigating new toys and snoozing!
 Pups n Teddies 
Pups 2nd Week
Delta is a super Mum and happy to share her babies!!
 Pups first week
Just love their neon pink noses