Keridale Silver Lining  “Blondie”
 DOB 5/6/17
Sire  Ch Bournbeau Xcalibur at Keridale
Dam Ch Speyside Delta-Tango with Keridale
Hips 5:2  Elbows 0:0
GR-Pra1 Carrier  GR-PRA2- Clear PRA-PRCD- Clear
MD- Clear  DM Clear- Ichthyosis Carrier
NCL-GR – Clear (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis)
Clear Eye cert  July 2020
She is a happy smiling outgoing girl who just loves people
and the company of my older girls Izzy & Scarlett.
Blondie 3 years
Blondie 2 years  3 months
Blondie 3 months

Achievements: At this stage just looking cute!!


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Ch Bournbeau Xcalibur at Keridale

Aust Ch Giltedge Blackwatch

Aust Ch Standfast Dream Ticket from Kerrien
Yellowfetch Pixie Dust
Bournbeau Judd’s Hill NRD Aust & UK Ch Stanroph Shogun
Aust Gr Ch Bournbeau Flame’s Feature NRD QC


 Ch Speyside Delta-Tango with Keridale

Ch Speyside Casino Royale NZ & Aust Gr Ch Glentreve Putting the Wind up Goldsmith
Speyside Double Trouble
Ch Village Maiden at Keridale Ch Speyside Double Scotch
Keridale Andromeda